Dr. B has written or co-authored:

Disuse Atrophy, Your Brain, And Your Future

Doctor, Please Close The Door


Knowledge Coupling with Dr. Larry Weed, Ch. 13


Last Flight For Whiskey Mike (A novel to be released soon.)


Book Descriptions:

Disuse Atrophy, Your Brain, and Your Future explains disuse atrophy and how it can and will affect all tissue types on the cellular level and shows you how to prevent it, particularly when it comes to that most amazing of cells, the neuron. This book explains how you can slow the decline of the cells in your brain and live a full and vigorous mental life, no matter how old you are.

Doctor, Please Close the Door, A Book on Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, terminal care, and the right to die with dignity, explains with real-life examples the futility of aggressive terminal care, particularly for the demented elderly. In this book, Dr. B explains how you can avoid this trap and spend your last days in peace by making out your Advanced Directives in writing while you still have your faculties. (Out of Print but a few copies are still available from the author.)


Knowledge Coupling, New Premises and New Tools for Medical Care and Education is a work of collaboration with Dr. Larry Weed, founder of the Problem Oriented Medical Record, in which Dr. Bartholomew was the first Physician in the world to institute Dr. Weed’s Computerized Medical Record system in the small town of Faulkton, South Dakota, in the mid-1980s. The book explains how properly formatted programs called Problem-Knowledge Couplers and a computerized record can aid the memory-based medical practice of today. The unaided human mind cannot possibly keep all permutations of presentations of medical problems, along with all the possible combinations of physical findings and lab and x-ray data, organized and systematically analyzed while in the performance of multiple complex tasks. Unfortunately, the Electronic Health Records of today are largely outgrowths of billing programs reverse-engineered to be giant word-processors to store data for accounting and billing purposes, and have nothing to do with problem solving. Thus, there is almost universal unhappiness and outright disgruntlement among the nation’s doctors over government-mandated Electronic Health Record directives, causing many physicians to retire early or seek alternate professions. Unless Dr. Weed’s principals are rediscovered, we will continue to see science ignored and opportunity lost.


Last Flight For Whiskey Mike, (A novel to be released soon.) Dr. B’s first novel, is a thriller in which the childhood friend of the President of the United States is mistaken for an assassin and must use all of his piloting and outdoor survival skills to escape the plotters in order to return and save the life of his best friend.